About Us

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Company Vision

Each day our team is growing and growing to keep up with the developing and growning Technologies, we take pride in your dreams and realize them for you in order to provide the best service according to the different sectors.
For many years, we are proud to see the value of being devoted to improving ourselves in terms of both institution and staff, both in the corporate and individual technical trainings also in the consultancy and project services that we provide. For 14 years, we have combined our experience in both training and consulting services with your requırments and continue to grow our family. We are designing your ideas in the Milimetric offices, for our future around the third millennium ranks.

Our Approach

We approach every new project with enthusiasm, and always respect our will and power to enrich our work. our principal is to improve customer satisfaction at all times. We are buildin our future on our knowledge and transfer our know-how into the new projects.

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Our History

Our company, which has grown in both education and project consultancy for 12 years, has become stronger and has been in a position to shed light on a path to the future.
With its services to different sectors, it has announced it’s brand to a wider audience. We started with 2 people and we became a big family with 45 staff and we added strength to our family by adding new members every day. The team has grasped the importance of the work and took care of the owner's understanding of the work for its employees. With its rapidly developing structure in the field of institutionalization, it has become a company that many people would like to work with.

Our Team

We are proud to serve you with our team that is young, dynamic and open to development. We are growing our family every day, adding new specializations. Working with experienced and bright people, we serve the future and the present as well as do high value-added jobs.

Murat Üstüntaş

Machine Engineer

Ahmet Fatih Avcı

Computer Engineer

Taha Türkoğlu

3D Generalist